The Boerne Bookshop, Boerne, TX

The Boerne Bookshop

Today I took the opportunity to visit the newest addition to the Historic Mile in Boerne, TX…The Boerne Bookshop!

The small, independent bookshop features a wide selection of classic and popular fiction, a surprisingly wide selection of children’s books, and a smattering of non-fiction sections including Texas, current events, and History. I was surprised by the extensive shelves of philosophy and spirituality, as well as a shelf or two dedicated to Constitutional history.

Bookshelves at The Boerne Bookshop with the thoughtful bottom detail.

After walking around a bit I was struck by a detail that more bookshops should employ. The bottom two shelves, rather than being vertical like the others, are angled outward to make viewing the book spines simpler. I’m sure the Boerne Bookshop owners debated the need for this detail as it undoubtedly added additional cost to an otherwise tight (who’s budget isn’t tight?) budget. That said, it’s a feature that I found particularly noteworthy and says a lot about the bookish nature of the owners. Well done.

The Boerne Bookshop

The Boerne Bookshop is relatively small at, I’m guessing, something like 750 square feet. Still, small towns need an independent bookshop of their own. I believe it’s important for the intellectual and economic health of a community, much like a local coffee shop and hardware store. It will undoubtedly be a challenge for The Boerne Bookshop to compete against the likes of Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Despite that, I’m hopeful for their success and will buy there where I can, just to support independent booksellers and local businesses. I encourage you to do the same.

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