Daniel Slager

A conversation with Daniel Slager, Publisher & CEO of Milkweed Editions, about the interplay between publishers, authors, and readers. We talk about independent bookstores and the impact of Amazon on the entire industry. I learned so much in this conversation about the independent publishing and book businesses. If you're at all interested in books, writers, publishers, or even the evolving nature of retailing in the era of Amazon, I think you'll get a lot from this episode.

The Boerne Bookshop, Boerne, TX

The Boerne Bookshop Today I took the opportunity to visit the newest addition to the Historic Mile in Boerne, TX...The Boerne Bookshop! The small, independent bookshop features a wide selection of classic and popular fiction, a surprisingly wide selection of children’s books, and a smattering of non-fiction sections including Texas, current events, and History. I … Continue reading The Boerne Bookshop, Boerne, TX

The Bookshop Under the Windmill, Boerne, TX

How cool is that sign?!? It’s no secret. I love bookstores. Big ones, small ones, chain bookstores, funky independent ones, and most definitely, used bookstores. I love the smell, the stacks, and the ability to browse unmolested. I’m fairly indiscriminate in my affection for bookstores, but each type serves a different purpose. The Bookshop For … Continue reading The Bookshop Under the Windmill, Boerne, TX