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Daniel Slager is the Publisher & CEO, an independent literary press based in Minneapolis. Before he was named Editor in Chief at Milkweed in 2005, Slager worked as an editor for commercial book publishing houses in New York. He is also a widely published translator from the German. 

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Literature is what happens when language is used to convey more than information. – Walter Benjamin

Daniel and I have an engaging discussion about the interplay between publishers, authors, and readers. We talk about independent bookstores and the impact of Amazon on the entire industry. I learned so much in this conversation about the independent publishing and book businesses. If you’re at all interested in books, writers, publishers, or even the evolving nature of retailing in the era of Amazon, I think you’ll get a lot from this episode.

As always, thanks for listening and for reading.

The Deckle Edge Blog & Podcast – Daniel Slager – 03/29/21

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