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Chris Dombrowski is the author of the memoir Body of Water (Milkweed Editions), a Bloomberg News Best Book of 2016, as well as three full length collections of poetry, most recently Ragged Anthem (WSUP, 2019). His poems have appeared in over a hundred anthologies and journals including Guernica, Gulf Coast, Orion, Poetry,, and The Southern Review. For the better part of two decades, he has taught creative writing to a vast array of age groups, most recently as in the MFA Program at the University of Montana. He lives in Missoula, where he guides the rivers, directs the Beargrass Writing Workshops, and makes his home with his loveably feral family.

In this wide ranging we discussion we touch on fatherhood, fishing, poetry, and life. Even if you’re not a fisherman, I think you’ll really enjoy this discussion which isn’t really about fishing at all, but about “the occupational made sacramental.”

When we start talking about how Chris writes and why people read poetry, how a poem should enact and not be about…I’m still moved by the discussion and grateful to have been part of it.

You can read my review of Chris’s book, Body of Water here.

The Deckle Edge Blog & Podcast – Chris Dombrowski – 11/23/20

Note: There’s a moment in the episode where I quote a bit of Wendell Berry poetry and Chris completes the verse, but the recording is a bit muffled. The quote is from Berry’s book of poetry, Given. The full quote is:

“There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.”

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