The Twig Book Shop, San Antonio, TX

The Twig Book Shop, San Antonio, TX

Yesterday we visited one of my favorite indie bookstores, The Twig Book Shop in the heart of The Pearl in San Antonio, TX. Like all good indie bookstores, The Twig has a broad selection of local authors and topics that you won’t find in most other places. The book buyers seem to share many of my same interests, so the art/architecture, history, cooking, and children’s sections are much to my liking. They also have extensive offerings from the Trinity University Press, which focuses heavily on Texas issues and history.

Windows at The Twig

From their website:

“The Twig Book Shop began its evolution in San Antonio in 1972. Currently located at the former Pearl Brewery on the Museum Reach of the Riverwalk. The Twig provides newly released books for children and adults as well as award-winning classics. The space at Pearl has become a venue for local and national poets and authors. The Twig makes books available for book clubs, schools, and conferences. The Texana collection makes The Twig a destination for history lovers near and far.”

History & Texana

If I have complaint about The Twig it is simply that the shop is full. It’s hard to move through the space on a Saturday morning without bumping into someone or something. Yes, I realize that an overly full book shop is part of their charm. I get that, I really do. I’m also fond of my personal space and have flashbacks to my childhood where my mother would announce, “this is a hands in the pockets store.” I’ve never been to a bookstore and successfully kept my hands in my pockets, except to reach for my wallet, but the anxiety remains.

Art, Architecture, & Cooking

It’s worth noting that Saturday mornings are also the farmer’s market at The Pearl, with lots of prepared foods, fresh and local ingredients, and crafts. It’s a great time and I can’t encourage you to visit enough.

The Twig

The Twig is located at 306 Pearl Parkway, Ste. 106, San Antonio, TX 78215. Go check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

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