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Alexandra Fuller is the author of several books, most recently TRAVEL LIGHT, MOVE FAST (Penguin Books).  Fuller’s work has appeared in many publications including National Geographic Magazine, the New Yorker magazine, Harper’s, Vogue, Travel and Leisure, Granta, the New York Times Book Review and Oprah Magazine.  Her Tedx Talk, My Liberation is Tied up with Yours aims to expose the architecture of white supremacy, and thereby the means to begin its dismantlement.   

She lives and works between Wyoming and Idaho.

In this conversation, Alexandra is open and vulnerable as we discuss her childhood in Rhodesia, the death of her son, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and our experience of grief and joy, among other things. It’s an emotional, at times raw, and moving discussion that I’m honored to have had and think you’ll find meaningful. I’m grateful to Alexandra for the time.

The Deckle Edge Blog & Podcast – Alexandra Fuller – 06/20/21

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