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Daniel Lassell is the author of Spit (July 2021), winner of the 2020 Wheelbarrow Books Emerging Poetry Prize and a poetry finalist for the 2021 International Book Awards, as well as Ad Spot (April 2021), a chapbook from Ethel Zine & Micro Press. His recent poetry can be found in the Colorado Review, Southern Humanities Review, River Styx, Grist, and Prairie Schooner. He raised llamas and alpacas while growing up on a farm in Kentucky.


This conversation with Daniel is about his poetry and his new book, as you’d expect, but I think the most important part of the conversation is about place and belonging and what it feels like to lose that. Our discussion about the experience of divorce though the eyes and heart of a child is also meaningful, if brief. I hope you benefit from this conversation as much as I did and I’m grateful to Daniel for the time.

And as always, I’m grateful to you for listening and reading.

The Deckle Edge Blog & Podcast – Daniel Lassell – 08.02.21

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