Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens is a speaker, justice entrepreneur, author, priest, and founder and President of Thistle Farms. She has been featured on PBS NewsHour, The Today Show, CNN, ABC World News, named a CNN Hero, and White House Champion of Change, holds five honorary doctorates, and raised over $75M in funding for justice initiatives. Drawn from 25 years of leadership in mission-driven work, Becca leads important conversations across the country with an inspiring message that love is the strongest force for change in the world. 

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I’m grateful to Becca for her time and am happy to be able share this conversation with you. Becca’s passion for her work is infectious and I hope it inspires you to see the good in this world and go share it.

The Deckle Edge Blog & Podcast – Becca Stevens – 02.27.23

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