Allison Seay

Allison Seay is the recipient of fellowships from the Ruth Lilly Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Civitella Rainieri Foundation.  She is the author of a book of poems, To See the Queen, and has placed work in such journals as Image, CrazyhorseField, and Poetry. She is Associate for Religion and the Arts at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia.

“…a whole new understanding of the way the mind works and the way mercy comes…”

In this conversation Allison Seay and I discuss her poetry and her faith. We dig into mental health, faith, mercy, and scripture as poetry. I think you’ll find something for you along the way. As always, I’m grateful to Allison for her time and openness and I’m grateful to you for reading and listening.

The Deckle Edge Blog & Podcast – Allison Seay – 04/12/21

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